Chance To Dance is a wonderful, welcoming, inclusive dance studio that focuses on the whole child while providing a fun and educational dance experience. Miss Jen and her staff put as much time into nurturing their student's self esteem as they do to choreographing an amazing recital. We highly recommend this studio. 

-The McKee Family 


I chose this dance studio 7 years ago when my daughter was 3 because an ad said age appropriate costumes and it stressed the importance of having fun. 7 years later the studio delivered on this and so much more. My daughter learns to dance in a fun supportive environment. The classes are stress free and recital ticket fees are reasonable.  Owner Miss Jen is loyal to her returning dancers and works with families to resolve scheduling conflicts. 

-Christine Segnini


We have been going to Chance To Dance since my daughter was 4 and she is turning 10 now and about to start her 7th year.  She has built amazing friendships and confidence while having fun and learning how to dance.  Miss Kylie is a wonderful teacher who the girls adore.  Miss Jen always takes in to consideration the needs of her students and listens to the parents when creating a schedule that works for all of her students.  My daughter has already told me she is looking forward to her senior year when she will receive flowers.  



We have been part of the Chance To Dance family for 11 years.  Miss Jen and all of the teachers are amazing and truly care and love our children.  Would not want to have been part of any other dance family these past years.  Looking forward to another awesome year!   Thank you ladies for all you do and for being such positive role models.

-The Calascibetta Family 


We have been very fortunate to be part of the Chance To Dance family for thirteen years.  We came to Chance To Dance after switching from another local studio that I found to be too structured.  It was a decision I never regretted.  There were many reasons I chose Chance To Dance back then… I loved that my five and three year olds were allowed to wear whatever color leotard they wanted and a skirt if they wished, they didn’t have to wear their hair in a bun and they were able to take both tap and ballet.  One of my daughters was extremely shy and I liked that the recital was optional.  I grew to realize that there were so many more important reasons to love Chance To Dance.  It is a studio dedicated to sharing the joy of dance and making it fun for the kids.  Jen, the owner, works tirelessly to accommodate each dancer’s needs.  She is warm, caring and extremely flexible.  The teachers are wonderful and choreograph age appropriate dances along with modest costumes that I appreciate as a parent.  The studio is a place where kids really feel they belong.   Seeing how my three daughters have thrived there over the years shows me that I truly made the right choice.

-The Coppi Family


Chance To Dance has been a part of our lives for the last six years!  We go to Chance To Dance not only for dance, but also for the teachers.   Miss Jen and all the teachers are always positive and really encourage each child.  The recital is always optional and non-competitive.  It's a very fun and exciting experience for the kids.   I love the fact that at every recital we get to see graduating seniors who have danced at the studio since they were pre school age!    The end of each recital has a finale dance for all the Chance To Dance students which my daughter loves!  The studio is kept meticulously clean and has lots of space to entertain younger siblings.  We are extremely happy at Chance To Dance!

-The Astras Family


My oldest daughter, Nicole, started dancing with Chance To Dance when it first opened in September 1998. Here it is 20 years later and my youngest daughter, Olivia, is still dancing at Chance To Dance. Not many Dance schools can tout a fun, nurturing, instructional environment where students' passion for dancing is timeless!! I should know as I have been to every dance recital since Chance To Dance opened its doors.



My daughter has been at Chance To Dance for more than 4 years now. She was somewhat of a late bloomer in the dance world. However, Chance To Dance gave her the utmost confidence and now she has become such a beautiful dancer! She recently joined the dance team this past year, which is a wonderful group of girls and was welcomed with open arms. There is no pressure on the dance team and the team does only charity work for our community, which is so important!  So happy she is at Chance To Dance!  

-A Happy Dance Mom


My daughter has been dancing at Chance To Dance studio since she was 3 years old. She is now 14 years old and loves Chance To Dance every single year! Miss Jen is extremely welcoming and always tries to accommodate every child's individual needs. It is a warm and inviting environment and ALL of the teachers are wonderful !! It's truly a place for every child to learn the joy of dance in a nurturing and non stressful environment .

-Anita Brouillet